So What Are The Geothermal Energy Facts That You Need to Know About

What is the meaning of the term, Geothermal Energy?

The word acquired its name from Greek terms Therme and Geo, means heat and Earth. Thus, the Geothermal energy facts wholly means as the Earth’s heat. Like the sun, its Earth’s interior offers heat energy from the nature.

This heat or the Geothermal energy produces a useful power and warmth without polluting the atmosphere. It originates from the fiery association of the Earth’s gas and dust for over four billion years ago. The Earth’s core has a temperature of almost 9,000 degree F with the depth of about 4,000 miles.

Facts about how heat reaches the surface of the Earth

So What Are The Geothermal Energy Facts That You Need to Know About

As the heat continually flows outward from the Earth’s core, it then conducts to the surrounding layer of the rock called the mantle. As soon as the pressures and the temperature becomes high enough, few mantle rocks melted called magma.

Next, since it is less dense compared to the adjoining rock, the magma will convict or rises and move slowly towards the Earth’s crust that carries the heat below. From time to time, the hot magma spread all the way towards the surface which is commonly called lava.

Yet, frequently the magma rests under the Earth’s crust as it heats the nearby water and rock, mostly the rain water seeps deep within the Earth. The magma, sometimes has a temperature of 700 degree F. The geothermal energy facts about the warm water will trip back, up to cracks and faults.

Then, it will reach the Earth’s surface as geysers or hot spring, yet most of it remains deep underground which trapped in porous rock and cracks. Throughout the collection of warm water in the natural process is called Geothermal Reservoir.

Uses of Geothermal energy facts in the past

Starting from the earliest periods, the Geothermal water in surface is used by most of the people as hot springs. Thus, used for the comfort of the elders, they have just been found relaxing in the warm waters.

Nevertheless, the ultimate reason is that, it was known as the magic water which heals illness such as sore eyes and skin diseases. It is also used by the Romans in Pompeii to heat the buildings.

During the periods for about 10,000 years before, the Native Americans have used this warm springs for medicine and cooking. While, the Maoris of New Zealand for how many years before also cooked “Geothermally,”.

Then, since 1960s, almost 200,000 homes in France has been heating up using geothermal water.

Uses of geothermal energy facts nowadays

Currently, many of the Geologists, drillers, engineers and Geo-chemists drill wells in the Geothermal reservoirs to carry the warm water below towards the surface. In fact, they truly do some testing and exploring to discover the underground areas which consist of this hot water.

This is essentially done to know where to drill the production of Geothermal well. Then, as soon as the warm water or the steam trips up to the well through the surface, it can be useful for saving energy in non-electrical purposes.

How this electricity be generated using this geothermal energy facts?

The hot water which comes from the Geothermal reservoirs afford to give for force to rotate the turbine generators and then, produces the electricity. That is the process occurred in the Geothermal power plant steam.

Then, the used water will return in the injection well to be heated again. This is intended for the maintenance of pressure and to endure the reservoir.

The three kinds of Geothermal Power Plants

The three types of the Geothermal energy facts below depend on the pressures and temperatures of the reservoir.

Dry steam reservoir

The kind of steam which produces a very little water, dry steam is piped straightly towards the dry steam power plant to provide the power to spin the turbine generator. The electricity production begins at the Geysers in 1960, this is the most effective substitute energy venture through the history.

Geothermal reservoir

It creates most of the hot water, so-called  the “hot water reservoir”. It is used as the flash control plant. The water is reaching in temperature for about 300 to 700 degree F.

This tremendously carried up towards the surface done in the construction of the well. On its existence, it will release the force of its profound reservoir, the particular flashes of the water down the steam occurred in the separator. After that, the steam will control the turbine machines.

Temperature reservoir

This has a temperature of about 250 to 360 degree F. It is not enough to flash the steam yet, it could still be used to produce the electricity in a binary power plant. This system is passed over the heat exchanger, where this heat is moved in second twofold liquid like Isopentane which boils at a lesser temperature compared to water.

Once, heated this twofold liquid sparks and turn into vapor. It will expand across the blades of the turbine. Then, will re-condensed into liquid and recycled constantly.

Certainly, there is a close loop cycle without the secretions towards the air.















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